living with an energetic or reactive dog?

Copper & Fiona at Fort Funston

it’s easier to live with a relaxed rover.


I know what it’s like to live with a challenging dog.

To come home at the end of a long day to a dog quite literally bouncing off the walls (or at least the furniture).

To dread taking the dog for a walk because of all the lunging, growling, and barking.

Regular outings with a professional dog walker trained to work with high-energy and special-needs dogs can make a world of difference for you and your dog.

I'd love to make life with your dog easier.

Photo Credit: Jon Heaberlin

Photo Credit: Jon Heaberlin


Reactive Dog Walks:

Turning reactive dogs into Relaxed Rovers

Individual leash walks practicing calm focus behaviors transform your Cujo into Lassie. Meanwhile, you can focus at work knowing your dog is in safe hands.

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Group Dog hikes:

Turning high-energy dogs into Relaxed Rovers

My carefully supervised on- and off-leash, small group dog hikes are just the thing to tucker Tucker out. Come home to a couch potato instead of a hot potato.

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Buster and I ignoring other dogs while enjoying our walk  Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth

Buster and I ignoring other dogs while enjoying our walk

Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth



I enjoy walking difficult dogs.
Most dog walkers turn down reactive or aggressive dogs. I specialize in them, and nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog transform through exercise and positive training.

I'm a dog*tec certified dog walker with a training edge.
It takes specialized skill to walk reactive and high-energy dogs. That's why I'm a graduate of the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy and completed the MHS Canine Behavior Academy 40-hour Foundation Course.

I'm happy to work with your dog's trainer.
If you're currently working with a dog trainer, I'm happy to team up for faster progress by reinforcing your dog's training plan during her walks.

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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
— Roger Caras