Client happiness


Ellie, adopted from the San francisco SPCA:

“I noticed improvements in my reactive dog soon after Erika from Relax, Rover started walking her. My dog used to bark and go crazy whenever she saw another dog. It was even hard at home, since she likes looking out the window, but would react whenever she saw dogs pass by the house. I had to block off access to the window or put her in a room so she didn’t get too frustrated.

I was worried about being able to find a dog walker when I found out my dog is reactive, and I’m very glad I found Erika. Erika is always on time and lets me know when she is picking up my dog. She sends me updates and photos after the walk. She makes sure my dog is comfortable and having fun during the walk, and stays calm when she sees another dog by teaching her to focus on whoever is walking her.

After walking with Erika, my dog can now do what she enjoys - calmly hang out by the window all day long. It’s been a lot easier both at home and when we go out on walks. My dog isn’t quite ready to socialize with most other dogs yet, but she is now a lot more relaxed when she sees another dog thanks to Erika.”

                                                                                                                               - Eugenia, San Mateo



Alex, adopted from Taiwan:

"Erika was great with my dog! She did a wonderful job of making an otherwise very nervous doggy feel relaxed to be with a new person. She always sends an update after each visit, including a photo, which is so nice to receive. Thanks, Erika!"   - Miki, San Mateo


Huey & Ivy, adopted from rocket dog rescue:

"Erika is amazing with our pups. They're both rescues and quite reactive on leash -- she was never fazed and helped keep them calm and centered. We've noticed such a difference since she started walking them! Moreover she's reliable, keeps in great contact with us each week, providing reports daily and weekly."

                                                                                                                                - Dominique, Burlingame