Ready for some peace of mind?

As a dog walker specializing in walking reactive and aggressive dogs, that’s what I aim to provide.

Walking the dog is supposed to be enjoyable. But as anyone who’s lived with a leash-reactive or aggressive dog knows, it’s not so fun when every squirrel is a crisis, you find yourself hiding behind parked cars to let other dogs pass, or have to apologize to the nice man your dog is barking at and lunging toward.

Add a job and family and other life obligations and that’s where I come in: I’ll walk your dog for you, teaching her how to be a Relaxed Rover as I go.

Because it shouldn’t take 15 minutes to get down the block, and it shouldn’t be stressful to get your dog some exercise. 

Meet my reactive dogs.

Anatomy of a Reactive Dog Walk

One-on-one training walks
While getting her lots of good exercise, I also work on your dog's reactive or aggressive behaviors. I'll teach her a new, calm way to handle herself when she sees things that trigger her outbursts, in order to keep her safe and avoid incident.

All positive training
Punishment has been shown to elicit aggressive behavior.* Reactivity and aggression are symptoms of underlying negative emotions such as fear, unease, or trauma. Punishing these outward displays may diminish the behaviors, but only serves to make the emotions underneath stronger, risking larger eventual outbursts. Instead, I use positive training to change your dog's behavior as well as the reasons behind it.

*According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists, as well as many scientific studies.

dog*tec Certified Dog Walker - with a training edge
With a leash-reactive or aggressive dog, your dog's safety and your financial liability depend on the skill of the dog walker you choose. I've pursued high levels of education to keep your dog from practicing aggressive behaviors and to avoid situations likely to deepen the fear behind her behavior. Learn more about my credentials.


Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth

Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth

Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth

Photo Credit: Erin Ashworth

Reactive Dog Walking Service Details

Step 1: Meet & Greet Consult
I'll come to your home at a convenient time to meet you and your dog and give you both a chance to meet me. We'll step through an interview process so I can learn everything I need to know to keep your dog happy and safe on her walks.

Step 2: Your Dog's Walk & Train Program
Based on what I learn at our Meet & Greet, I'll formulate a walking route and plan to set your dog up for safe, fun, uneventful walks. Or, if you're already working with a trainer, I'll incorporate your trainer's plan into our walks so your dog benefits from a consistent set of rules.

Step 3: Away We Go!
I'll begin picking your dog up and teaching her focus exercises and games to keep her mind off squirrels, dogs, people, bicycles, cars, and anything else she tends to take issue with. I'll also employ desensitization and counter-conditioning - fancy terms that mean I'll help her change how she feels about these things so she doesn't have to bother with all the barking and lunging.

Step 4: Come Home to Your Relaxed Rover
Relax at the end of the day with a relaxed dog who's already had her walk. No more stressful sneaks around the neighborhood, hoping not to encounter anything worth barking at.

Services, rates, & Policies


Reactive Dog Walks

1 hour of exercise and training
Includes daily walk report and photos.


To show you how to enjoy a Relaxed Rover on the weekends.

Reactive Dog Walk Policies

To maximize your results at home, we require a 3-walk-per-week minimum commitment.
For your safety and that of your dog, dogs with a bite history or stranger aggression
may be required to work with a qualified trainer or behaviorist to begin dog walks.

Pick up and Drop Off Times

Your dog will be picked up and dropped home happy between the hours of 9 am & 4 pm.

Dogs are great. Bad dogs, if you can really call them that, are perhaps the greatest of them all.
— John Grogan