Ready to come home to a Relaxed Rover?

group dog hikes can help.


Regular robust exercise can transform your dog into an enjoyable evening companion. 

Dogs make our lives so much better, but it can be challenging in this busy world to get them out for a good enough leg stretch to bring out their best. If you're living with a high-energy dog, you know what I mean.

That's where I come in. I'll team your social dog up with compatible buddies for a properly exhausting romp so all you have to do is enjoy your laid-back canine companion.

Dogs need physical exercise, but non-stop play can be stressful. A hike on our local nature trails is just the thing to use up your dog's pent up energy without overstimulating her.

Cape Lookout Trail, Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon  Photo Credit: Jon Heaberlin

Cape Lookout Trail, Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon

Photo Credit: Jon Heaberlin

Olive & Sierra taking a break  Photo Credit:  Mark Rogers Photography

Olive & Sierra taking a break

Photo Credit: Mark Rogers Photography

Anatomy of a small-Group hike

Small, carefully chosen groups
I match dogs by size, energy level, play style, and personality to maximize both fun and safety. Dogs walking in on- and off-leash groups will share their outing with just a few buddies to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

All force-free training
Dog walks are supposed to be fun, after all. And with today's modern training techniques, we can achieve rocket recalls, beautiful leash walking, and attentive focus using all positive strategies. Great results plus peace of mind makes for a great bargain all around.

dogbiz Certified Dog Walker
Your dog is part of your family and you want the best for her. I get that, which is why I'm a certified graduate of the dogbiz Dog Walking Academy, the highest standard of education for professional dog walkers. Learn more about me and my credentials.

Group hike Service Details

Step 1: Meet & Greet Consult
I'll come to your home at a convenient time to meet you and your dog and give you both a chance to meet me. We'll step through an interview process so I can learn everything I need to know to keep your dog happy and safe on her walks.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Group For Your Dog
Based on what I learn at our Meet & Greet, I'll place your dog in the right group for her. We'll decide together where she fits in, and then I'll surround her with new friends that match her energy level and personality.

Step 3: Away We Go!
I'll begin picking your dog up and teaching her our safety routines, which her new friends will no doubt also
help her learn quickly, and we'll get to romping and playing and wearing ourselves out.

Step 4: Come Home to Your Relaxed Rover
Hopefully this one goes without explanation, but if you've never lived with a Relaxed Rover, just imagine couch cuddles instead of wall bouncing.

Services, rates, & Policies


Daily off-leash group hikes

One hour of super fun and exercise. Includes daily walk report and photos. Currently, mornings only.

Group hike Policy

To maximize your results at home, we require a 3-walk-per-week minimum commitment.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Your dog will be picked up and dropped home happy between the hours of 9 am & 4 pm.

Such short lives our pets have to spend with us and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.
— John Grogan